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Simple Rules to Follow…

Simple Rules to Follow In Order To Serve This Domme

I have recently had the unfortunate displeasure of having to deal with some loser on Kik who not only has the audacity to calls every Domme (Fin Domme, Fem Domme, or Pro Domme) an Insta Domme… he also had the nerve to call me a “Ugly Bitch”… First of all, this loser is a sissy who has been burned quite a few times by a few Insta Dommes who frequent the chat rooms on apps like Kik, Snapchat, etc. Places where, IMHO, are havens where Instas prey on subs who seek to serve yet aren’t ready for the real thing.  And yet those same losers who are being preyed upon become rude belligerent asshats to those of us who are real (real websites, real photos, real followers, real time experience) by wasting our time with the constant questions, verification pic requests, and blatant disrespect.

Now I know that it is a cry for attention and they are looking for that “One True Domme” that they desperately hope to serve, however I am not going to sit by and simply allow a pathetic piece of shit to come out and call me whatever name that suits the situation.  I have been in this Lifestyle for a very long time and I am not known for simply letting shit fly, never that! I will put you in your place and then tell you what I want from you.  Can’t follow simple directions, then you can keep moving.

So to make things simple, here are MY rules:

  1. Disrespect will get you blocked! Dick pics will also get you blocked!! I have no time for your head games! There are others out there who will serve.
  2. Always send a small tribute to the Domme to whom you are trying to get attention from.  I will not answer you without it. If you want to know what types of tributes I do accept, then message me or look on My Wish list page.
  3. When sending your tribute, make sure to send a request for servitude that includes a list of your “Hard Limits”, and whether or not you are seeing to serve online (webcam sessions and/or phone sessions on NiteFlirt or VerifiedCall) or real time. I am not psychic (though I am a Witch and have been since I was a wee child) and can not read your mind.
  4. If you only seek to send monetary tributes, the only places I accept them are from NiteFlirt or PervOutPay.com.
  5. Gift cards are also a wonderful way of sending a tribute. There is a link for Amazon gift cards on My Wish list page.  I also accept gift cards to Torrid.com, WickedTemptations.com, Glamrose.com, MadameS.com, TGIF, Applebees, RedLobster, Spa Day Trips (for spas in my location, Google Search “Spas in the Hudson Valley” or “Spas in Newburgh NY”.  All gift cards are to be sent directly to my email at mistressvengeance@live.com .

These are the simplest rules I give a sub/slave who are seeking to serve me FINANCIALLY!  Anything else, send an email to mistressvengeance@live.com with “Question” in the Subject.

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My Channel on YouTube

For those of you who are new and have just started following Me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other Social Media websites I do have a channel on YouTube.  On my YouTube channel, you found plenty of video blogs on:

  • Slave Humiliation
  • Foot Worship
  • Travel details to various events
  • Music preferences

However, as of the beginning of the New Year, there will be new video clips on various topics pertaining to BDSM.  Not to mention more personalized video blogs. So to start things off, if you haven’t seen the newest video on My channel, here’s your chance. At the bottom, you will find the information that was omitted from the video (I require information on video editing software that works better than Windows Movie Maker.).

Contact Information1Contact Information1.1Contact Information2

Moved into a new location…

Recently I had to move to a new apartment, not far from my old location, due to finding out that the neighbor was recording (video/pictures/voice) who entered and exited the building.  Talk about an invasion of privacy!! Not to worry though, KARMA IS A BITCH!!  Heard the cunt is being evicted from the building due to interfering in the Landlord’s business activities.  😀 😀

However, I am happy to say that now that things have gotten a little bit better (not saying that everything is great), the internet will be back up and running by the end of the week.  I am interviewing new potential pay pigs looking to serve, and taking calls on NiteFlirt until the internet is back up and running.  Phone is not dead losers!! Just because you see My listings, thinking that I am unavailable, does not mean that  I am UNAVAILABLE.  Little bitches like you are exactly who I want serving Me!  you beg to serve Me so hard that the moment you hear my voice you can’t help but grab your pathetic little clits and stroke off to My voice!! 2 minutes and you little bitches run off the line thinking that just because you got off the session is over.  No bitch, your enslavement has only just begun…

I will have new pics and vid clips forthcoming.  They will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks to both my NiteFlirt Goodies & Kinkbomb Studios. Keep an eye out for them, they will be priced starting at $10.99!! No Freebies!! Don’t ask for a free pic or vid!  Webcam sessions will be starting at $75.00 for 30 minutes & payable via either PervOutPay.com/DominaVengeance, Amazon gift cards & Circle Pay ( email to mistressvengeance@live.com).  If you can’t PAY, you won’t PLAY!!

Out call sessions are still available!! I’m looking forward to all my slaves returning for their sessions in:

  • Spanking
  • CBT
  • Humiliation
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Mummification
  • Slave training
  • Foot worship
  • GS
  • Bondage
  • Cuckold/Chastity & Key holder
  • Face sitting/Queening
  • Financial Domination
  • Sissification

Dark Fetishes such as Ruby, Roman & Brown are no longer available!!  Sorry losers!

Interesting slave assignment

I was contacted by a slave on Collarspace, begging to serve and be used by a Domme.  The slave sent a list of possible assignments to do and asked Me to pick one…  I decided to assign them all to him for this week!

Each assignment that is highlighted is a different day. Orange is NOW. Yellow is Tuesday, Thursday’s assignment is Pink, and Friday night is Gold

A1- shit before, no enema
A2- no shit, no enema
A3- take a cold soap/water enema
A4- take a hot soap/water enema 

B1- lube mixed with Icy Hot
B2- lube mixed with black pepper
B3- lube mixed with hot sauce
B4- no lube/dry

C1- Every 30 minutes
C2- Every 40 minutes
C3- Every 50 minutes
C4- Every 60 minutes

Extra (optional):
D1- fuck his ass and do everything asked on omegle.com
D2- tie his cock and balls very tight with a rope
D3- lick the dildo clean afterwards (no matter how dirty it is)
D4- tape/glue the end a tube into his urethra and the other end into his mouth
D5- hit his balls 25 times with a wooden spoon
D6- write degrading words of Your choice on his body with a permanent black marker
D7- leave a cotton swab covered with Icy Hot in his urethra
D8- fuck his ass 10 minutes in front of an open window
D9- perform a random tease on Milovana no matter how painful or humiliating it can be
D10- offer his holes on Craigslist and obey the first man to answer 

Proof of assignment being completed:

 Beautiful work if I do say so myself…

Sissy fin sub begs to serve

Recently I acquired a new little sub to drain slowly & play with daily.  Even though I’m not really into the “blackmail” fantasy of Financial Domination, it is interesting to watch him squirm while dangling like a worm on a hook.

Become one of my Minions!!

This sissy has pleased his Goddess well today.  Let’s see what the following days bring…

Why Do I Recognize Myself As Both a Lifestyle Dominatrix & Professional Dominatrix

2017-03-19 01-53-18.537

I have been asked by members in the BDSM Community, submissive & slave, why do I designate myself as both a Lifestyle Dominatrix AND Professional Dominatrix?  This is an excellent question, which I can honestly say I have an answer.  It is not because I am looking for a submissive or slave to fill in a void in my life.  I live my Lifestyle life separate from my Professional one. What do I mean?  It’s quite simple:


As a Lifestyle Dominatrix, my interactions with the opposite sex (be they a live in boyfriend who is a Switch/submissive/slave or an Alpha male) is fulfilling in itself.  My nights are filled with ensuring that every detail of My life is perfect.  My home is immaculate.  The lucky loser knows what I want done daily and it is done to the letter.  If I decide I am going out for a night on the town for entertainment (i.e. Movies, Theater, dancing with My friends, etc.) that when I call for pick up, he is there.  My Lifestyle sub is My chauffeur, Butler, Chef, or any identity that I choose him/her to be.  They serve Me in every way I desire. Does he provide spending money?  Of course, but that doesn’t mean that I have to spend My own money to have a good time.  Smile  When I walk into an establishment (especially in Newburgh NY where I used to work) I go to the Owner and let him know what I want to drink all night and he provides it.   Does it seem like running a tab?  Not in the least.  I earned that right to have “free drinks”.   I am considered to be the “Nice Lady.” by quite a few individuals.  I am not looking for a “side piece of ass”, nor do I get attached to submissives that I meet for Pro Domme sessions.  That’s not what “Pro Domme” means.  Pro Domme means Professional Dominatrix! Not Prostitute!!  

Majority of my “clients” are Married men with wives & children… FAMILY.  I am not a home wrecker, and nor will I ever be considered one.  Morally speaking, if you are married and you hit on Me sexually, I will spit in your face and walk away.  Sorry to hurt your pathetic feelings, but if you’re going to hit on me then you really don’t give a shit & I simply can not deal with someone like you.  I can’t fuck with someone who has ulterior motives.  And right at this moment, I am SINGLE by choice.  Just saying…

As a Professional Dominatrix, my interactions with my “clients” is strictly Clothed Female/naked male.  Meaning you pay for My time.  At any time will I NOT be removing a piece of clothing, unless said article of clothing was bought and paid for by the submissive/slave for his personal pleasure after he leaves my presence.   Nor will I put your genitals any where near my lips or pussy!  I honestly do not know where most of you have been or get the idea that as a Pro Domme it should be expected (Pro Domme does not equal Prostitute!!), and after hearing how some of you maggots frequent the “Ladies of the Night” at the multiple of hotels in whichever city you travel to, trying to find someone “discreet”… Confused smileConfused smileConfused smile  I am not an Escort.  Your session with me will always be in a private location that I choose.   At no time will you ever feel that your private moments under My heel will be broadcasted to the world.  Unless there is a Photographer/Model Contract signed confirming consent of photos/videos and with a hood/mask provided, of course.  If any videos/pictures are taken, they automatically belong to Me.   Law suits suck. Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile

These are the types of sessions that I provide: (range from mild/tame to hard/extreme…)

  • Bondage (rope/restraints)
  • Humiliation (small penis humiliation, public)
  • Mummification (rope & wrap)
  • Foot/Boot/Shoe Worship
  • Online Domination (Skype, Yahoo, Im Live, Chaturbate sessions for a fee)
  • Goddess Worship (Mistress/slave, Celtic Goddess/servant, Boss/employee, College Professor/student, Domme/sub)
  • Trampling
  • Face sitting/Queening
  • Phone Domination (NiteFlirt, VerifiedCall)
  • Financial Domination (Shopping trips, Cash/ATM meetups, wallet rape, online & real time)
  • Custom Video clips
  • Corporal Punishment (Caning, Whipping)
  • Cock & Ball Torture & Sounding
  • Electro-Stimulation & Torture
  • Spanking (Over the Knee, brush, paddle, bare handed)
  • Sissification (Assignments only)
  • Dark Fetishes (Inquire via email for details)
  • Collar/Leash training
  • Slave Training

I am who I am, and nothing will change that.