Cash Point Meetups and ATM Meetups Announcement

Lately I have been looking for a few finsubs in the Hudson Valley Region and I realized that I have NO ads pertaining to what I am looking for nor where they can find Me.  I have been trying to add my information to a Findom database run by Stupig via Twitter (@underdeskloser), however, I have been having no luck on that. Seems that there is a problem with the CSS pertaining to the browsers Google Chrome and Dolphin.

In light of this, I am posting My schedule of locations in which I can be found. Also, know that there are ATMs in the area. 😋😋😋 Understand that if I have any sessions scheduled for the days I’m usually at these locations, you will not see me.  So pay attention to My Twitter (@DominaVengeance) and/or Facebook (http:/ for details…


1) 2 Alices Coffee Lounge, 117 Broadway, Newburgh NY


The 2 Alices Coffee Lounge in Newburgh NY is the newest hotspot for those who love an excellent latte, excellent food choices (mostly bagels, muffins, iced coffee, tea choices to die for and coffee from around the world) with a calm atmosphere. I am here almost faithfully because I enjoy the atmosphere. The Coffee Lounge is a part of the new remodeling that was done to the old Hotel Newburgh (now called Cornerstone Residence) and the historical Ritz Theater. Hours of operation: Mon – Thurs 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Fri & Sat 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sun 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

2) Tony’s Newburgh Lunch, 348 Broadway, Newburgh NY


Tony’s Newburgh Lunch, what can I say… This establishment’s been a staple in Newburgh’s history since Franklin Theodore Roosevelt was President!!! The menu hasn’t changed much (you can find pics on My Instagram page) and very reasonable. Hours of operation Mon to Wed 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thurs to Sat 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays closed.

Whenever I am in New York City, I always go straight to:
3) Grand Central Terminal via the Hudson Line: Usually I head to the Food Court on the lower level (sushi and Junior’s Cheesecakes are a must). If I’m not there, then you can send a text message to Me at (845) 476-8572 or (845) 728-7271 for location.
4) The Leatherman Shop, 111 Christopher Street, Manhattan.  Shopping slaves this is where I love to go for leather!!! Bring your wallet and make sure to have comfy shoes on… 😜😜😜 you’ll be walking a lot because I’m not cheap!! If I want to shop at other stores in the 5 boroughs, take the day off! You’ll be my little pack mule for the day. Carrying My bags…and anything else I desire.
Winter is Coming! Time for new boots…


Financial Domination, Cashpoint Meetups, Human ATMs


What would you do if you were to see a beautiful woman on the street, minding her own business or sitting with her girlfriends having a chai latte at an outdoor restaurant? Would you, being the weak minded loser that you are, stare at her from across the street or would you grow some stones and walk up to her and introduce yourself?  How would you handle the situation if she suddenly smiled at you then told you to sit down? What would you do if the woman told you in no uncertain terms to pay for her drink and then follow her around like a meek little puppet on a string as she runs errands, goes shopping, etc.?

Some of you would do these things, just to be in her presence.  Then there are some of you who would fall over hand and foot just to make her life easier by paying for the items FOR HER.  But then again, there are some of you who would simply rather just hand over your hard earned money and disappear into the crowd.  That’s fine too, I don’t mind at all.  The thing is that while you’re drooling and stuttering all over yourself, I am getting wet watching you humiliate yourself.  This is what I enjoy the most about Financial Domination, your money is an added bonus!

When I make plans to meet up with subs whose main fetish is Financial Domination, be it shopping sprees, cash meet ups, or taking your money while stopping at an ATM, I will always get a shiver down My spine every time you hand over your money to Me or pay for what I want with your Credit cards.  Sometimes I’ll post to My Twitter feed about what location I am at, which is usually a coffee shop (Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts in NY/NJ/CT) or if I am headed to my favorite leather store (Leatherman Shop on Christopher St in NYC).  Keeping track of where I am will give some of you worthy subs a means on how to catch up with Me while traversing New York City.   I may be from the Hudson Valley, but I love to shop in NYC!! ❤ ❤

So keep an eye out for any announcements for cash meetups, ATM meets, or shopping sprees.  I am never alone when I come down to NYC.  My girlfriends and I are always looking for someone to spoil Us.  Here’s how you keep track of where I will be at:

  • Follow Me on Twitter: @DominaVengeance
  • Follow Cash Point Meets on Twitter: @cashpointmeets

It’s that simple.  Just be there when I show up.  The rest is up to you.

Interview with the Lovely Goddess Mancalades

This is a copy of the email interview between Myself and Goddess Mancalades, which will be posted on Her website at the link above soon. If any submissive/slave has any questions or are seeking to schedule an appointment for either a Phone, Webcam, or Real time session, do not hesitate! Send an email at the address provided or click on the Contact Domina Vengeance page to address any questions you may have.

Q1a) How long have you been in the lifestyle?

Answer: Almost 20 years, most of this time has been lived privately.  Mostly Online for the first 10 years due to an active Vanilla life (children).

Q1b) What brought you into the lifestyle?

Answer: Growing up in a Female Dominated family helped, however I was trained by by a long time friend who goes by the name of Abduction (on FetLife), and he still gives Me advice from time to time.

Q2) Would you consider yourself a certain type of Dominatrix? Lifestyle? Financial Domination? Pro Domme?

Answer: No, I encompass all three in what I do.  I am a Lifestyle Dominatrix, a Financial Dominatrix, & a Pro Domme.  Sure there are Women who just “do” one type/style of Domination, however, why should I limit Myself to just one type/style?  When I am in the Dungeon with a submissive/slave, I have one rule: My Office… MY RULES.  If that seems too hard for a submissive/slave to understand, then they are not meant for Me.

Q3) What kind of slave training do you offer?

Answer: For Newbies/Novice submissives/slaves, I provide the following Mild/Moderate training in:

  • Collar/Leash Training
  • Bondage (wrist/ankle restraints)
  • Sensory Deprivation (Sight/Touch)
  • Spanking (hand/brush/OTK)
  • Nipple Torture (pinching/twisting)
  • Obedience Training
  • Whipping (Light)
  • Face sitting
  • Face slapping
  • Wrestling (Light)
  • and more..

For the Moderate/Advanced submissives/slaves, I provide the following:

  • Collar/Leash Training
  • Bondage (wrist/ankle restraints/Rope)
  • Sensory Deprivation (All 5 Senses)
  • Spanking (hand/brush/OTK/paddles)
  • Nipple Torture (pinching/twisting/clips & clamps/Crops)
  • Obedience Training (Advanced)
  • Whipping, Caning,  & other forms of Impact Play
  • Face sitting/Queening
  • Face slapping/Face spitting
  • Wrestling
  • Cock & Ball Torture
  • Trampling
  • Mummification
  • Anal Training/Stretching/Pegging
  • Toilet Training
  • and more…

Q4) Any live in slaves?

Answer: Not any more.  Let’s just say the cock sucking, cross dressing fag left a bad taste in MY mouth.  However, since then I have not had the time to interview for a new live in due to My “Vanilla” Family needing Me more.  Parent needing surgery, surprise premature grand child (who is now 3 yrs old), etc.  POI: I am still accepting applications for a live in and will be in contact with all applicants when the time comes.

Q5a) How do you punish slaves?

Answer: Depends upon the slave.  I would never give a pain slut a spanking or any amount of lashings with the whip if I know that’s what he/she wants/craves.  I ignore pain sluts, I act as if they do not exist.  Case in point, the cock sucking, cross dressing fag…

A slave who thinks he/she is going to get punished gets left in the cold.  I decide the punishment and when I do deliver, I always post pictures of the results to ensure obedience & to humiliate him/her further.

Q5b) Any favorite punishments?

Answer:  Way too many to list.  I am a Sadist after all (lmao).  I will not remove body parts, or break bones.

Q5c) Any favorite tools for punishment?

Answer: A “Pig Stick” cane with taser attachment (optional), a handmade lanyard flogger (Yes Ladies this shit does hurt!!!), Violet Wands (set on full while slave sweats profusely), and any other tool that inflicts pain.

Q6) Any favorite slaves?

Answer: Only two. they know who they are. Unfortunately I only get to see one more than the other, but that will change in time.

Q7) What type of slave do you prefer?

Answer: Honestly, any male slave over 30 yrs old & any female over the age of 25 yrs old are preferrable. male submissives/slaves have to be healthy, make an attempt to at least attend a gym 2-3 times a week, and are not sloppy.  I have seen a few sloppy submissives/slaves, and let me tell you they have not been back since the first visit.  male/female submissives/slaves must also be either bi-curious, bisexual or Gay.

Q8a) How do you make your sessions unique?

Answer: I literally base My sessions on the health of the submissive/slave.  Not every submissive/slave can handle what I “dish out”.  For example; if a slave looks frail, the session usually lasts about 45 minutes with mild Bondage/Tease & Denial.  However, if the submissive/slave is a cocky, loud mouthed fuckwad that requires a swift kick to the balls, hundreds of lashings with a cane to his/her ass while suspended on the tips of their toes, then so be it.

Q8b) Do you customize your sessions to your slaves fantasies?

Answer: Not often.  Most of the time I get Corporal Punishment, Spanking or CBT sessions.

Q9) Kinds of sessions?

  1. Skype: Yes I provide sessions on Skype.  slaves who request a Skype session must pay a Tribute or purchase a gift from one of My wish lists.  No tribute/gift, NO Play.  I will not block all time wasters, but I will ensure that you are known to others.  I am also on Sky Private
  2. Real time: Locally, a session starts at $200.00 per hr and the rate goes up, depending on type of session.
  1. Cam: I will post a blog as to when I am on ImLive (private cam sessions only), Chaturbate, or Cam4.  These are the only places where you will be allowed to see Me on Cam.
  2. Kik: I do have a Kik, but it is only for My Family.  I do not provide sessions via Kik.
  3. Yahoo:  The same rules apply here as they do on Skype.  No Tribute/gift, NO PLAY!
  • Other IMs: ooVoo, CamFrog, PalTalk (DominaVengeance or MistressVengeance)

Q10) Willing to travel for real time session?

Answer: But of course the slave pays!  I am only traveling in the US, and only if the slaves are willing to pay what I require.  For travel rates, slaves must email Me at

Q11) Favorite gifts to receive?

Answer: Cash in hand is always a favorite, and will get My attention.  Anonymous gift cards or gifts in the mail are a plus as well.  Surprise shopping sprees from slaves who happen to be in My area… BONUS!!

Q12) Any wishlists you can provide:

Answer: I have 6 wish lists on

I also have a wish list link on My website at for Extreme Restraints.  I accept gift cards for,,,,, and any BDSM website.

Q13) Ways to slaves to find you?

  1. Email: (not the Domme from CA)
  2. Twitter: @dominavengeance
  3. Websites:
    Instagram: @dominavengeance
    Main Website:
    FetLife: Domina Vengeance
    Collarspace: MsVengeanceNY
    Vine – search: Domina Vengeance
    Kinkbomb studio:
    Elite Financial Domination: Follow the link provided on My Links Page.

Q14) Anything you might want slaves to know about you not listed above?

Attn slaves/submissives:

If you waste My time with trivial bullshit, have not sent an add request, or try to video chat without consent I WILL BLOCK YOU!  I have way too much going on to be stuck with time wasting losers who think they can get a “free ride”.   I’d rather shove the largest sounding rod I have down your so-called wimpy cock and watch you squeal like a pig headed to slaughter.

For slaves/submissives seeking sessions:

Don’t ask if I have a dungeon.  It is TEMPORARILY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!  Out Call sessions only.  Wait until I schedule at a reputable Dungeon in NYC or a city that has a dungeon.

I do attend the Exxxotica Expo when it is in Atlantic City and Edison NJ (was sick this past weekend and could not attend).  If you would like to see Me at the Ft. Lauderdale FL or Chicago IL stops, start tributing NOW!  Hotels, Transportation, etc. are not cheap. Want to meet Me at DomComATL, the Fetish Fleamarket in RI, and/or various other Community Events across the country? Get your asses moving!

I am not a mind reader, regardless of the fact that I have TWO Tarot decks. I expect to see the tributes coming in.