Domina Vengeance

Elite Femdom Findom & Professional Dominatrix

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Q1. How do You wish to be addressed?
A: I have no particular preference as to how I wish to be addressed. [Update] Goddess or Mistress have been the normal for most of the slaves/submissives who have served Me.

Q2. What do You consider to be Your greatest feature?
A: My mind.

Q3. What is the best advice You have ever received?

A: Stay true to Yourself. Others may try to turn what you do against you because they can not comprehend. As long as you “stay true to yourself” what they think does not matter.

Q4. What are you “totally addicted” to?
A: Magnum Ice cream bars. White Chocolate & Vanilla Bean flavor.

Q5. What do You not ever leave home without?
A: Cell phone, Identification, Cane case, Tote with paddle, snacks, bottled drinks and Cigarettes/Cigars, and a good Paranormal Romance novel or book on BDSM.

Q6. How long have You been in the Lifestyle?
A: For about 19 yrs.

Q7. Would You consider Yourself to have had a regular childhood?
A: I did not have a regular childhood.

Q8. What is your favorite beverage? can be hot/cold, alcoholic/non-alcoholic, etc .
A: Chai Lattes and Virgin Banana Daiquiris are my favorite beverages.
Update: Whiskey, Bourbon, & Scotch (Jameson especially)

Q9. Do you celebrate Christmas or a similar holiday at this time of year, and if so, what do you enjoy most about it?
A: As I am and have been a Solitary Wiccan prefer Witch for over 24 yrs, and my vanilla family is Baptist, I incorporate all holidays into O/our lives. Christmas/Yule, Halloween/Samhain, Spring/Candlemas, etc. are celebrated with equal fare.

Q10. Tell Us about Your first Femdom experience, including a detailed description of how You felt
A: My first was so long ago, that it’s really just a blur in my mind. I think it involved a Church Deacon. However, I can say that at first I felt frightened but after about 2 minutes I got over the fear and felt empowered as he begged for more.

Q11. What is the last book You read?
A: The last BDSM book/magazine that I have read was an E-newsletter from the Leather Archives & Museum, dated 2003. The last Paranormal Romance novel that I have read was “On the Prowl” by Patricia Briggs & et al.
Update: 50 Shades of Grey (Soft Porn in My opinion), Greedy by Madame Sossette, and multiple of other books in BDSM, Paranormal Romance, Ménage Erotica, and other Genres.

Q12. Do You consider Yourself a Pro Domme, Lifestyle Domme, or a combination of both?
A: I consider myself to be a combination of both a Pro Domme, Lifestyle Domme, Financial Domme.

Q13. If You were to choose one word to describe the feeling You experience when Dominating a submissive, which word would You choose?
A: [Update] There is no one word to describe how Dominating a submissive, or slave for that matter, would feel to Me. I can feel multiple feelings at once and still enjoy what I do to him/her/sissy.  It is how I apply the feeling to the scene I am in that makes a difference.

Q14. What is Your general view of men?
A: The male species can be ego-centric, crude and uncivilized every waking moment. Speaking upon topics such as, and I quote my mother’s boyfriend of 30+ yrs: “Women are weak. “or ” They can not control a situation without making things worse!” Men like this should be tied to a tree in the middle of the swamp and over the course of time broken of such thinking.
Update: Still think the male species requires strict control by a more Superior being, and a lot less restrictions upon their lives.  To allow them to Procreate may be a necessary evil sometimes, however their ultimate submission is the goal of this Domme. Be it Physical, Mental, or Financial.

Q15. Does Dominating another bring You sexual pleasure? Tell Us about how so and why do You feel this way
A: When I am Dominating my servants at home, there is always some form of sexual pleasure. When I am Dominating in a Pro Domme session, I am capable of turning off my sexual desires. I do not believe that sexual pleasure belongs in a Pro Domme session, however sometimes my body knows that if I continue to, for example, have a servant suck on my toes that I will experience some sexual pleasure from it. The human body is a sensitive orgasmic machine. Stroked the right way and she will experience many forms of sexual pleasure.

Q16. Which lifestyle books and magazines would You recommend to others?
A: Any and all books that are available. Books written by Jay Wiseman, Dr. Gloria G. Brame, and Lady Green are a start. Power Exchange Magazine and the Leather Archives & Museum E-Newsletters are also informative.

Q17. What is Your line of work?
A: I am a Female Bouncer at a local Nightclub in Newburgh, NY. I have been a Bouncer for about 16 yrs.
Update: Effective Immediately, I am stepping away from working in the local nightclubs in Newburgh NY.  I will be focusing more on the BDSM Lifestyle and incorporating what I have learned in the last 19 years as a Female Bouncer into My Professional Domination sessions. 

Q18. How does Your work affect Your Femdom lifestyle?
A: It actually improved my Lifestyle. I’ve had nights when I had to report to the nightclub after a 3-4 hr session with a servant dressed in one of my leather corsets, black jeans, and heels to search the female customers. The male customers actually behaved in line and a few came to Me afterwards and offered to bring me home, not to mention tipped me at the door. Made a cool $150 in tips. I do not tolerate the males coming into “My House” and causing drama.  If there is trouble, someone will be dragged out by their hair.
Update: If nothing changes, be the one to change.

Q19. How do Your Female Supremacy views affect Your attitude within Your work environment?
A: I am respected for my views by my peers. They do not judge me because of who I am. They find it hilarious to watch when walk into a room and the crowd parts like the Red Sea to allow Me passage to other parts of the Club. I recently had to put a customer in his place, he tried to put his fingers in someplace he had not receive permission to touch. I rammed his face into the door frame and proceeded to remind him that I was not the woman he wanted to play with. His reply: “Yes Ma’am. I will not touch you again.” he then took himself back into the club and I did not see him again for the rest of the night.
Update: Have made many friends in this Lifestyle who I thought were friends at one point in My journey, who in all actuality, wound up showing to Me who they really are.  Having to disassociate Myself from them and take “two steps back” in order to analyze, re-evaluate, and strategize in order to follow a different path alone in My journey as afforded Me the opportunity to expand and grow.  

Q20. Does Your family know of Your lifestyle?
A: Yes they do know. Some are not sure what to think, others are excited that I have found my calling.

Q21. Do You have friends in the lifestyle?
A: Yes. All of my friends I had the pleasure of meeting at the local Munch in my area. The Hudson Valley Love of Leather Group (HVLOL) munch which meets on the 1st Friday of every month in Newburgh, NY.
Update: Even though I have not been to the HVLOL, I try to keep in contact.  However, like in all relationships, some flourish better when one steps away from the drama and dogma of others.

Q22. Do You have vanilla friends who know of Your lifestyle?
A: Yes, quite a few.

Q23. Have You ever been to a lifestyle party?
A: Yes, a few at Paddles NYC and parties hosted by my friend SirMasterJay in Manhattan & Queens, NY.
Update: Have attended a few parties at the Feel Me Breathe Center before it was forced to close in Kingston NY, and attended a few private parties with a few other Dommes in the past.  Will continue to attend parties when an invitation is sent My way or return to Paddles NYC this year.

Q24. What is the single most important mistake a submissive man makes when first approaching a Dominant Woman?
A: Opening their mouth and saying “Hey Babe”. I’m not your “babe”. If a submissive male can not come up to Me and ask politely to speak with me, then they must not want My attention. Staring across the room at Me will not get them anywhere.
Update: Standing like a statue in a public place (i.e. the Mall) and you see Me walking by with a few of My girlfriends will get you no where.  Remember when approaching to be Respectful to your Superior and introduce yourself.  I am liable to demonstrate in public what I do to disrespectful submissives.

Q25. What do You look for when reading an e-mail message from a submissive?
A: When reading a slave’s/submissive’s email, I read to see their feelings, emotions, in their message. How a slave/submissive articulates his emotions to explain his desire to be in servitude.

Q26: Do You currently have a slave or submissive?
A: Yes, a cd slut slave.
Update: I no longer have the cd slut slave, as he was more of a hindrance (jealous, disrespectful cross dressing fag).  I now have a bi-curious male slave to whom is named lambchop.  He is obedient and truly understands his place.

Q27. Are You seeking other slaves or submissives?
A: Yes.

Q28. Do You consider Yourself straight or bi-sexual?
A: Bi-sexual

Q29. Do You prefer Your slaves or submissives to be straight or bi-sexual?

A: I welcome any submissive/slave who is straight, bi-sexual, or bi-curious into both Lifestyles of My life.

Q30. Which rules do You require a slave or submissive to live by? For instance, rules regarding use of furniture, walking behind You, calling in, chastity, and so forth
A: My rules…

1. a slaves/submissives are not allowed to sit on the furniture, with the exception of on Sundays/Holidays. b slaves/submissives will not sleep on/in My bed without consent. slaves/submissives will sleep in their assigned crate/cage. c slaves/submissives will awaken 2 1/2hrs before I do to begin their chores of the day and prepare Breakfast. Then will present themselves on hands & knees for the Morning Spanking.

2. a When out in public, a submissive/slave will not walk in front of Me. they will always walk behind Me on My Left. b While in public, I will not answer to endearments that would be said to a girlfriend/wife. “Ma’am” will suffice while in public.

3. If they come to see Me in person less than 10 time a month, they are REQUIRED to call/email daily.

4. a Whether or not a submissive/slave is married/divorced/single, they WILL wear a Chastity device at all times. The key will be held by Me only. b An Emergency key will be made available, if required.

5. a Any pictures/videos are taken while in My service, are My property.  b Hoods/Masks will be provided for discretional purposes.

And this is only the beginning…

Q31. What is Your favorite lifestyle activity?
A: Meeting others of like mind who share experiences in the Lifestyle.
Update: Attending/Traveling to the Exxxotica Expo in Edison NJ has opened up a new venue for potential submissives/slaves. 

Q32. Do You feminize Your servants?
A: Not all of them.

Q33. Does Your domination apply to all levels of Your relationship? For instance, do You or would You control Y/your finances?
A: Financial, yes. Professional, Yes. When it involves Elderly or Children, no.

Q34. Do You cuckold Your slaves or submissives with other lovers?
A: Yes.
Update: Even though I am a Single Female Domme, My sex life may be stagnant, however there are other ways to cuck a slave/submissive.

Q35. Do You live a 24/7 FemDom lifestyle?
A: Yes.

Q36. If You are in a 24/7 FemDom relationship, would You describe Your relationship as stronger than a vanilla relationship?
A: Stronger than a vanilla relationship, definitely.

Q37. When a disagreement occurs between You and your slave or submissive, how is it resolved? Is Your word the final word?
A: Whenever there is a disagreement between my slave and Myself, W/we discuss the problems that are relevant and listen to each others suggestions. However, My word is definitely final.

Q38. Do You set benchmarks for a male to prove his devotion to You?
A: No.

Q39. Do You judge a slave or submissive’s willingness to embarrass himself as proof of his desire to serve You?
A: Depends upon how far the slave/submissive male is willing to go to prove himself.

Q40. How do You discipline Your servants ?
A: OTK Spankings mostly. However, I will be caning their asses bloody if the punishment fits the crime.

Q41. Do You use chastity on Your servants ?
A: Yes.

Q42. How do You control the orgasms of Your servants ?
A: Bi-weekly, mine will be allowed to be sucked off by the resident cock sucking cd slave only. None are allowed to touch themselves. If caught, the said slave/submissive will have his cock & balls restrained in a Humbler while receiving a Flogging to their ass.
Update: Edging works best when controlling a slave’s orgasm. My slave is allowed to orgasm when I say. I do not care if he is at work or at home with his wife/girlfriend, he is to remove himself from sight and stroke until he orgasms.  Then he is to lick up all of his spent cum from his hands with his mouth.

Q43. Do You use strap-ons on Your servant s ?
A: For Ass Stretching, Anal Training, and proper cock sucking training only.

Q44. What do the next five years hold for You?
A: Not looking that far into the future. The future is not written in stone.

Q45. Share with Us Your fears when You first became involved in the lifestyle:
A: My main fear was being accepted by my peers. I had a CD/TV Domme in NJ cause problems because of the fact that I am both a Pro Domme and a Lifestyle Domme, visiting a Dungeon which I was invited to. However, the problems were discussed and measures were taken to ensure that said person did not bother Me again.
Update: Since the Inner Limits dungeon has closed I have been traveling in the NY/NJ area.  The problems I have come across have not deterred Me from continuing in this Lifestyle.  They have encouraged me to FIGHT harder and expand My horizons.  There once was a question concerning whether or not a Domme should be Certified (actual paperwork) to do some of the fetishes that they claim to do… A Certification is as good as the paper it is written on.  If BDSM were to become an institution instead of being a Lifestyle, then the Beginners (Newbie) level would be considered a Certification, an Intermediate level would equal and Associate Degree, and the Advanced level would be a Bachelors or better.  Why put so many letters behind something that, in my opinion, is in the heart and soul of the person. Be they man, Woman, or Transgender.

Q46. Do You have any words of encouragement for new Dommes?

A: Expand your own limits, don’t sell yourself short. Advertise, advertise, advertise if a Pro Domme . Don’t sit on the sidelines and not interact with your peers in the Lifestyle, you never know what you’ll be missing.

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  1. I’ve known Mistress Vengence for over 6 years. We know each other by first names. I consider myself lucky for that. Mistress Vengence is a strong woman in more ways than meets the eye. I have no doubt, those who become her friend will have a very loyal friend in her.

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