Domina Vengeance

Elite Femdom Findom & Professional Dominatrix

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Thank you for coming to Domina Vengeance’s website.  Email Me ( if you have any questions via the Contact Domina Vengeance page.   In order to schedule an appointment, you must call (845) 476-8572 within 48 hrs in order to schedule.   Appointments are scheduled hourly, and based upon Fetish.

Why can I do this?

This is My Rule as some of you have certain Medical issues that, if not taken into consideration, can be dangerous. Prime example, having a Stroke because you did not take your heart medication, while in sub space, is not something I want to explain to the Authorities as they are wheeling you out on a Stretcher to the hospital.  Or while wearing handcuffs… Thank you very much.

Understand if you have a Sissification/Toilet Fetish, it will take longer than one hour.  So schedule your appointment appropriately.

Session Rates:

Call Domina Vengeance at (845) 476-8572 for rates.
All Sessions are by the hour!
Contact for Session Deposit information!

All of My rates are based on these three things, if you are New:

    1. How many hours you’re looking for?
    2. What type of Fetish you are hoping to explore?
    3. Discretion and Privacy.

That does not mean that you will get an entire session from Me for that price because you want to go for 4 hours!  Sorry, that is not how this works.  you get paid by the hour at your miserable place of employment, and SO SHOULD I.

For the more experienced submissive who has seen a Professional Domme, you know how to perceive yourself and the Goddess/Mistress/Lady/Madame that you are serving for whatever amount of time. you know exactly what it is that She wants and are going to do anything to make sure that it happens.

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